Once I am licensed/certified, do I have to do anything?

Yes. There are requirements for you to maintain your license. Foster parents have to receive 30 hours each of training per year. Psychotropic Medication and Managing Aggressive Behavior are subjects/courses that have to be re- taken each year and count toward those hours. For the remaining hours, Circles of Care provides each person/provider with a training fund of $250.00 per year for you to attend school, workshops, conferences, or seminars that pertain to mental health, social work, child development, and parenting. You are also allowed to obtain 12 of your annual hours through reading books or watching videos pertaining to children/child rearing, mental health, etc.

Your Circles of Care social worker will go over in more detail all the initial requirements to become certified/licensed and any ongoing requirements to maintain your license.

There is also required paperwork that has to be completed on the foster children. For example, anytime the child goes to any type of doctor the foster parents have to get the doctor to fill out a certain Circles of Care form that is used for record keeping in the child’s file. All medications administered to the child must also be documented on a Circles of Care medication log form, to be kept in the child’s file at Circles of Care. Many of the children are on daily medication and this has to be documented; verifying it was administered. Weekly progress reports must also be completed, charting the child’s progress toward their treatment plan goals or lack of progress.

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