What other help or support will I have in caring for children/youth in my home?

Your Circles of Care social worker is there to help and support you, to insure the child’s safety, and that the child is receiving everything they need. The Circles of Care social worker will monitor the child and your home and help with interventions or services the child may need. A Circles of Care social worker is always on call in case of emergencies. Circles of Care social workers are also there to help you stay within Government standards (requirements) in regards to foster homes and the care of foster children.

When children first come into your care they often have great needs for such things as clothing. The Circles of Care staff will take and assess a child’s needs and may give the foster family a one time, initial clothing allowance to help them buy clothes for the child/youth. Thereafter, your daily reimbursement is there to help you buy clothes or school uniforms for children in your care.

Circles of Care also provides an annual $250.00 training fund for each foster parent. The foster parents can use these funds to go to trainings, conferences, or seminars that will teach/help them to work with the type of children Circles of Care serves.

Since there are mandatory Government requirements for foster parents, Circles of Care helps you meet these requirements such as medication training and managing aggressive behavior training, by providing these classes for you. Circles of Care also provides you with the above-mentioned training funds to help you obtain your other required annual training hours.

Circles of Care holds a monthly support group in which foster parents get together and talk about their experiences with caring for children and problem solve difficult situations together. This support group also helps with your health and well-being.

Circles of Care occasionally holds events to give us the opportunity to show you how much we appreciate you and to also allow all the families, children, and Circles of Care staff to get together and have some fun.   We may have a party, picnic, or an outing such as going to a theme park.

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