New Community Coalition

Circles of Care is proud to announce that we are spearheading a new community coalition to address child and family issues all across South Texas from Corpus Christi to Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley. Composed of private child care providers like Circles of Care, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, CASA, the Juvenile Justice Department, counselors and therapists, schools, police, and pediatricians, the coalition will focus on issues to eliminate abuse, neglect, exploitation, family conflict, truancy, and other familial challenges and increase community and family welfare for the region. Needs will be addressed within the scope of social and mental health services, and each unique organization will bring its original ideas to the discussion. The coalition will work as a unit to examine proposals and develop effective solutions to child and family obstacles.

The coalition has begun formation as Circles of Care has reached out to its partners, both new and longstanding, for recruitment of members. We seek an active and diverse team, familiar with the needs of the region culturally, economically, and socially and with the skills to address those needs and uncover new ones. The first meeting, as yet unscheduled, is approaching, and the coalition will meet quarterly thereafter. Meetings will include input from all facets of the communities involved, determine new strategies, and evaluate current strategies for effectiveness.

We are very excited about the potential for this new coalition. Stay tuned here for updates on its progress.