Yancy’s Success


This is Yancy, one of our foster kids in the Houston area. She came into care struggling in school and speaking minimal English. Her grades were suffering and her periodic behavior challenges warranted her a high level care. With the perseverance of the Mayo family and especially Yancy herself, she now holds a high school diploma and has begun taking classes at the San Jacinto community college to study child development. She was able to turn her education around and graduated in May of this year. In addition, her excellent grades and dramatically improved behavior qualified her for the Circles of Care car program which provided her with $4,000 toward the car she is seen with as well as her first six months of car insurance. She intends to use this vehicle to further her education by conducting observations at various daycare facilities as well as attending her classes and her place of employment. Yancy had a serious mountain to climb when she first came into care, and her future is incredibly bright. Way to go, Yancy!

Look for her in the upcoming annual report!