How will I be able to afford and pay for having a child in my care?

Circles of Care pays the foster parents to help cover the cost of caring for these children. Children are assigned what is called a Service Package from an agency called Youth for Tomorrow. The Service Packages are: Basic Care, Moderate Care, Specialized Care, and Intensive Care. The Service Packages are assigned based on a number of factors such as: presenting problems and behaviors, how well the child functions when compared to other children, and what services they require, such as counseling services. Circles of Care works with Basic, Moderate, and Specialized-needs children. Children requiring Intensive Services require a more secure setting other than a home, such as a Residential Treatment Center. Circles of Care pays $23.10 per day/child for Basic Care, $40.50 per day/child for Moderate Care, and $52.00 per day/child for Specialized Care. Children’s service levels are evaluated on a regular basis and their levels can fluctuate and change.

This payment is to cover the cost of lodging, food, clothing, school supplies, school uniforms, daycare (if needed), diapers (for infants and toddlers), over the counter medication, personal hygiene needs, recreation expenses, and such things as gas and other underlying expenses incurred in raising and caring for children. All foster children have federal medical coverage called Medicaid that will cover all their medical needs (prescription costs, medical procedures, surgery, hospitalizations) and dental needs, with the exception of more than 2 pair of glasses needed in a calendar year (Medicaid pays for two pair a year) or for more than 6 braces bracket repairs a year (Medicaid pays for 5 repairs a year). This payment is considered reimbursement and is not taxable, except in special circumstances. Always talk with and consult your accountant to help you determine if you must pay some taxes at the end of the year.

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