Licensure Process Denial and Fees

Licensure process denial and fees

  • Right of Refusal to Deny Licensure & Fee Reimbursement Policy Acknowledgement

    Circles of Care reserves the right to deny licensure of foster care or adoption applicants at any time during the licensing process.

    Foster and Adoptive Parents who apply with Circles of Care apply as potential providers to be licensed by Circles of Care. The licensing procedure is a “process” that involves many steps and has many requirements. Some of the processes include background/FBI check, home study, training, and home inspections such as Fire and Health Inspections. Every step, process and requirement is an opportunity for Circles of Care to evaluate the applicants to determine if the applicants are a good fit for our agency and can meet the needs of the children we serve. Circles of Care reserves the right to deny potential foster and adoption applicants at any time during the licensing process.

    Circles of Care is not responsible for any lost work or wages for the time or effort the applicant spends to go through the licensing process, regardless of whether or not the licensure occurs.

    In addition, as part of the licensing process, there are certain requirements to include: FBI fingerprint background checks, Fire Inspections, Health Inspections and TB testing that incur a cost to the applicants. Circles of Care reimburses up to a certain amount for inspection fees and TB testing. The reimbursement amount Circles of Care will pay can change from year to year based on budgets. Applicants need to inquire and know the current reimbursement for these costs and factor that into their decision to pursue licensure. Applicants are not to schedule or obtain these requirements that have associated fees, unless specifically instructed to do so by Circles of Care. The reimbursement amounts provided by Circles of Care will only be paid to the applicant if Circles of Care had specifically instructed, in writing, for the applicant to obtain these requirements.

    No supplies or repairs that may be required to pass Fire and Health Inspections are paid for by Circles of Care nor reimbursed to the applicant regardless of whether or not the applicant is licensed.